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                                                                                                                                                            Kiev, Ukraine

What Does the Ukrainian Crisis Teach Us about Economic Sanctions?  

     ( with Jee-kwang Park )

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Since March 2014, the West has imposed a series of economic sanctions on Russia in response to its agression in Ukraine. Have those sanctions contributed to President Putin’s popularity, as often claimed by crititics of those sanctions? How did Ukrainians perceive those sanctions? Did they affect Ukrainians' foreign policy preferences and the  conflict? 

In this project, my colleague, Jee-kwang Park, and I tackle these questions by conducting several surveys and experiments in Ukraine and Russia. In October 2016, we conducted a nationally representaive poll in Ukraine and asked a number of questions regarding their perceptions and opinions about the conflict, Russia, the Western sanctions, and the current leadership in Ukraine. In the near future, we plan to conduct survey experiments in Ukraine and Russia to investigate the effects of the West’s foreign policy on public opinion in these countries.  

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