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      How Do People Evaluate Foreign Aid to “Nasty” Regimes?

            Status: Forthcoming, British Journal of Political Science

            Coauthor: Tobias Heinrich 

      Voters Get What They Want: Human Rights, Policy Spoils, and Foreign Aid

             Status: International Studies Quarterly 62(1): 195-207 (2018) 

             Coauthor: Tobias Heinrich and Leah Long

      Explaining Public Support for Regional Integration in Eurasia      

           Status: Regional and Federal Studies 28(4): 523-541 (2018)

           Coauthor: Mwita Chacha

      Economic Sanction As Foreign Policy

            Status: The Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Foreign Policy Analysis (2018)

      Sanctions Consequences and Citizen Support

            Status: International Studies Quarterly 61(1): 98-106 (2017)

            Coauthor: Tobias Heinrich and Timothy Peterson

      Public Opinion and Foreign Aid Cuts in Economic Crises

           Status: World Development 77(1): 66-79 (2016)

           Coauthor: Tobias Heinrich and Kristin Bryant

     Threat and Imposition of Economic Sanctions: Updating TIES 1945-2005

           Status: Conflict Management and Peace Studies 31(5): 541-558 (2014)

           Coauthor: T. Clifton Morgan and Navin Bapat

     Determinants of Sanctions Effectiveness: Sensitivity Analysis  

           Status: International Interactions 39:79-98 (2013) 

           Coauthors: Navin Bapat, Tobias Heinrich, and T. Clifton Morgan

Working papers 

    Explaining Selectivity in Foreign Aid 

           Status: Under Review

           Coauthor: Tobias Heinrich

    Populism and Foerign Aid  

           Status: Under Review

           Coauthor: Tobias Heinrich

    An International Audience Effect of Economic Sanctions 

           Status: Under Review 

           Coauthor: Jee-Kwang Park

    Firms, State Control, and Effectiveness of Economic Sanctions

           Status: Working Paper

     Talking to the Hands: Bargaining, Strategic Interaction and Economic Sanctions

           Status: Working Paper

           Coauthor: T. Clifton Morgan

    Terrorism, Brutality, and Individual Information-Seeking Behavior  

           Status: Working Paper

           Coauthor: Tobias Heinrich, Jacob Swanstrom, Justin Conrad 

    Gender Politics and Foreign Aid   

           Status: Working Paper

           Coauthor: Catherin Goodwin, Tobias Heinrich, Kelsey Martin-Morales, Katelyn Stauffer

     Support for Foreign Aid: Introducing Cross-Sectional Time-Seires Estimates    

           Status: Working Paper

           Coauthor: Tobias Heinrich

    Modeling the Effects of International Influence

           Status: Working Paper

           Coauthor: T. Clifton Morgan


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